Worth i ness

What is worth ? Well, it’s both a noun and adjective. As a noun it can mean measure, as an adjective it can mean sufficiently good. Or it can mean what someone is willing to give for something.

For phrases that use it are: for what it’s worth, for all someone is worth, worth one’s while, worth one’s salt …

But that still doesn’t get at the root: what am I worth ?

And my answer is that we are not worth what someone pays us or worth what is in our bank account. I say that we are worth what we have done for others. For who else stands for us ? Our unselfish acts are what defines us and gives us worth.

Anyone who cannot stand before another and give what’s needed is not of worth. Why ? Not because of what you think is needed or the other person thinks is needed, but what works out to be needed. Brand me what you will, but I believe we answer to a higher power who helps us in times of need and will determine what’s needed.

Because if we want to look at ‘worth’, look at cold cash, look at hardness of soul, look at how well they please someone.

That’s fake. Spit on the buddah if you see him; question christ, because it would have to be the first or second coming; but don’t question God because you’re likely to get an answer that sends you back to do your best for others. Not just family or friends, because they would just return it. Do for someone because they need it. And if you look hard enough, you need to give it to live a full life.

An untested, unquestioned life is not worth living. But the tests are real life, not prearranged; the questions are not found in a book, but from real people who are lost in a topic.

But do it with some good humor, some laughter, some joi de vive. Love of life. Because worthiness is all about life. Because when life is over and we are judged, all worthiness is at an end.

Walk forward, head high because the judgement is here now and you CAN meet it if you want.

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