Give, giving, give if, give off, give up, give in

Confusing title ? Confusing subject! For those of you with WordFlex, try searching for GIVE and you’ll get a screenful of relations. They all derive off “give”, from “gibe to “give of’ and more…

Here I’m talking about giving a gift. It works!

You know what’s next: what works and how does it work. Well, I firmly believe that the unquestioned life isn’t worth living. And that said, we have to know or discover what colors our world as a result of our questioning. Colors of our world are many and they have many descriptions: healthy, guiding principle, unhealthy, learned, old and useless and so forth.

One of my colors is a guiding principle that I am an Orthodox Christian. We have our own set of baggage, but I believe in it and that’s what counts. And I will continue to believe in it until someone convinces me that there’s a better alternative which will be a long time if ever.

See, I belief that while change is inevitable, guiding principles or promises are not. To lose them is to lose oneself. And yes, I believe that’s why we have such a high divorce rate. Anyway…

We believe in giving forward, giving of ourselves, giving gifts, all without strings attached. That is, not expecting anything in return. And we aren’t the only ones who believe that way either.

So today I chose to give of myself by first volunteering as a Certified Peer Support Specialist, or CPSS, in a local mental health facility. I fell asleep when I was to be leaving and consequently arrived late, but my supervisor is extremely understanding. During the days before and after I gave other things either up or of myself. And in return for not expecting anything in return, this night was absolutely fantastic and tomorrow will be even better.

Now I did avoid getting used in the process, which is a had chore to do. A blessing in disguise.

So what am I really saying ? Giving of any nature will give back. I believe it’s through a higher entity. And believing that is a guiding principle I have. You may have another and that’s your right.

But I’m giving notice to the grinches of the world. You may live long enough to laugh at us, but guess who’ll be better off ? If you can’t give of yourself and still adhere to your promises and guiding principles, I’ll pray for you. Better yet, write me and let’s see how you can change.

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