Community Standards

I need your help folks, i really do need comments!

What are community standards ? Are they the same that’s used when determining pornography, are they what a panel of representative users get together decide, or they imposed by some higher authority? Personally I would like to see what the judicial system says.

Specifically a panel of twelve jurists were assembled in the case Hamling v US, 418 US 83,106. They were to determine whether or not there was a case of spamming from a foreign country where the content was questionably pornography. In this case “community standards” were what an average person in the COUNTRY, not a single individual nor a deviant or one totally insensitive determined.

Which just proves my case. If Facebook itself promotes you to join friends, suggests the friends and the overwhelming majority of users accept a request for friendship, DE FACTO a single individual rejecting the request is not legal grounds for suspension of anything. But that’s my opinion and why i’m posting it outside Facebook.

How can a request for friendship be an abuse ? Seriously, please tell me! Facebook says you must “know” the person. However, if the person has mutual friends in common (we’re not talking about a single woman who looked like she could be “the one”, or any single anyone), don’t you “know” them well enough to issue a friend request ?

And what in a friend request is repulsive enough to report as an abuse ? It is a request that you wish that person to be in a circle of social friends. It’s not a permanent commitment, you can “unfriend” at any point. besides you can still know the person, yet they say you don’t and report abuse.

There are no cross checks folks. No balance and checks. By fiat, one person didn’t like a request to be in a social circle and the powers that be enforced the click of a mouse to a harmless breach of equitte.

What does this do realistically ? Do you want now to accept or send a friend request? Certainly you should feel free to reject a request without calling it an abuse. But do you want to send one out now WITHOUT the specific request of the person ? Probably not. And how do you get that request without asking. But the penalty is to be TEMPORARILY banned from messaging outside your circle. So you can’t know TEMPORARILY if someone wants to be your friend.

To ME this is ludicrous, not just the bans, but what it teaches and promotes. I have a vested interest in Facebook, so I’ll abide by the rules. i don’t like them, but it looks like there’s no appeal or change process. So this too teaches that there’s no way to change the system for better or worse.

End of soapbox, your turn. Not just as always, but even more in this case do I want your comments.

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One thought on “Community Standards

  1. i guess there needs to be a method to prevent cyberstalking. If someone doesn’t want to receive a friend request that shd be an option. To report someone for abuse seems a bit extreme, but without any context it’s difficult to judge the situation.

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