New Social Experiments

Ever been involved in trying to change a social dynamic No, I’m not thinking of the Harrod Experiment, though Lori of later fame does come to mind. But I’m thinking of changing how we deal with each other, how we relate and how we can learn to relate better.

There’s been a group started on FaceBook called GOOD GRIEF! just for the purpose of talking about grief online. But I started to think of how much it really is groundbreaking, or could be, by using social media to establish new boundaries.

How ? Well, I’m a CPSS which stands for Certified Peer Support Specialist, so I’ve had my share of being in self help moderated groups and even taught some. Not only will i be participating as a civilian, but I’m a moderator. So I have to decide how this is going to run.

There are NO guidelines for this anywhere, it’s a first! Just thinking of the possibilities and ramifications makes my head reel.

What are the possibilities ? Well, tragedy knows no geographical bounds. Neither does shared grief or recovery from it. We can get together and share experiences without getting on the phone with a group call, going to the airport and going to the site with the people sharing with you, or getting in the car and sharing with a professional moderator amongst a group who may not realize your situation.

Also, the interaction between people will be different. There are studies that show there’s more honesty with a faceless, distant email, chat or group than in person but the trade off is that the emotions become emoticons like little smiley or sad faces. There’s a sliding scale for us to use our honesty just like there’s the same scale for accepting it and that will have to be managed

Let me say, there will be no browbeating or temper tantrums or anything to disrupt the harmony of the group.

Downfalls: well, let’s face it, the cliques appearing in high school appear in social media. We don’t see all of it because quite a lot is done via chat or email. Somehow, we are going to have to blend the geeks and the beautiful ones and throw out all the stereotypes. Even the quiet ones will have to contribute, and they definitely do have something to contribute.

There will be no pity parties, no power plays or outtalking another. My challenge will be to make this a safe place for all.

Another question is how to manage the group membership. Will there be many groups one for each separate issue, or let everyone in ? That, I think, is going to have to be a group decision.

How about attendance, should it be required ?

Plus, see my earlier blog about extras facebook needs to add on. Like the unlike icon, the counter for how many have read a post, and so forth.

So come on out. If you don’t want to share your grief, why not help those who are / hopefully we’ll be making histoy.

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2 thoughts on “New Social Experiments

  1. Actually James, it should be like a building with no doors. Separate rooms for different issues, but ones that anyone can enter. If this is indeed a social experiment, then membership should be optional. Folks should be allowed to come and go as they please. Hopefully this gives you food for thought.

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