Please Facebook add this request for vir=ews for all posts

I started this out all in a rage. Maybe it was the fall on my head, maybe it was the phone calls, maybe it was a number of things. But it came to me that if FaceBook would just do in regular posts what they do in groups, the counter that shows how many times post had been viewed and who viewed it, it would solve a lot of problems. It would be nice if they added an ignore counter as well, either that or a thumbs down counter, but I think that’s been voiced.

Why, because it’s friends that talk with you, not just to you; they want to know how you feel; they call just to see how you are. And some friends rarely use social media instead of chat or tele/cell phone.

I thought it was silly, all these tests to see who would repost if your friends read your messages. But why do we need these? Sure, depression, boredom, anxiety all enter into it. Maybe social media isn’t doing the job of socializing needed. It’s just a means for friends to congregate and share posts that will not be read except when requested… ‘Hi mom, made it home in one piece, here’s that picture of junior you asked for.”

But very little social media is used to create a social framework. it’s merely based on what exists. Sure you can invite friends of mutual friends. But does that really BUILD a new framework ? I say “NO” resoundingly, if the caps don’t give it away.

While the word ‘Paradigm’ have been overused, it really appropriate in this case. We need a new one. One that rewards someone reaching out and a good measuring device to see how successful they were.

So it would be natural to see how many times a post has been viewed, if it was dis/liked, and if someone wanted to open a dialog (‘comments’). Then you could see your success. And try again to ‘friend’ someone or repost and see how it goes over. In a small way it teaches people to reach out. To see what works or doesn’t, and all without paying the high fees of a date site where you are actually tested and then put with a ‘match’ to see how it works out! Or tossed out into the social ‘waters’ to sink or swim!

I know the habits of my best friends when it comes to social media (by this I mean phone and chat as well as online) ; I have a grasp of how those calling me their friends use social media; and I have no grasp of those beyond my circle but just off the top of my head conjecture. We’re constantly improving the one way communication, like this blog, email or Facebook as it currently stands. But we have yet to EXTEND them.

Sure there are SOME improvements. Like email threading, g+, chat or texting with received markers; but I’m talking of real improvements.

Then I can really know what people think when i post about banging my head across the floor in humiliation and concussion; or why someone did or didn’t do something expected; or general knowledge. And gets rid of the wasted emotion, anxiety and depression.

In any case, just like the other blogs of mine, I want to know what you think.

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