Available for Flirting

It’s a conundrum isn’t it ? It’s not friend with benefits, but it is a way for a no attachment to bring two people together for a night or nights of fun.

But available? Ladies, do you want someone where there’s no challenge except as a toy ? Even though there’s no attachments, there’s still pride and basic human rights on how to be treated. So if a man, or woman, puts themselves “out there” do you want him or her if you don’t have to work for them ?

And what is flirtation anymore. It’s not necessarily leading to a meaningful, committed relationship anymore. Nor can one assume that jealousy won’t rear it’s ugly head unless there’s the famous “talk” before to set out expectations. What defines flirtation anymore ? Close contact, eye contact, jokes only they get, and honesty not given easily to others.

In either case comes the “crush”. The chemistry where one wants to know the other as well as they can. That wants the closeness and all the time and ‘being” the other can give.

Don’t laugh at chemistry. It’s more than the right pheromones (which IS documented), but the rapid calculation that this person is fascinating enough to invest time in. If you’re skeptical of that rapid calculation, read ‘Blink’ to see where you simply know an answer should you begin trusting that your brain runs at speeds uncomprehendable finishing before it can be worked out on computer or paper.

So is it worth it, this available flirtation ? My opinion is that in these times fraught with danger, YES! But you Ladies and Gentlemen need to speak up to let me know if and where my logic is faulty.

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Location:S Meeting St,Statesville,United States


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