Details, a work of fiction

Imagine if you would a fictional setting. The Sharks and the clam. One house and two apartments. The clam lived alone, peacefully by himself for months with nary a problem before the sharks moved in. Then the sharks started abusing their lease mostly because they associated with the local constabulary.

The clam is a solitary creature that just wants to be left alone. But the clam is being watched and his rights abused by the sharks. They come to the front porch and openly smoke marijuana, blang, clang and turn their music up loud. Oh and decide that since he doesn’t own a car, all the parking space is theirs.

But the clam lives just as he has for months. Solitary, isolated and maybe loud. But not as loud as the sharks can be. Why ? Because the clam has a black pearl, a little imperfection polished inside over the years. He is mentally and physically disabled. He has blackouts and reacts against his better nature. That little imperfection has grown over the years and is hurting not to cover all of it in his own reagents to quell the pain.

So one ay the sharks pounce. They rely on their affiliation with the local constabulary and report the clam for playing music too loud. No louder than they have nor any different than any other day.. And the police come.

Here there diverge into two stories. In one the officer knocks at the door and asks the clam to turn the noise down. The clam tried to say he’s going to and shuts the door. But the policeman shoves his foot into the door, keeping it open. Why ? does he have a right to ? Here’s where the stories diverge and as the shift supervisor says, there are only two witnesses, the clam and the policeman.

Maybe the policeman is afraid, or maybe he’s overbearing. In any case as long as the noise went down, who cares if the door is open or closed ? Only the policeman who proceeds inside and takes a pocket knife, perfectly legal, laying on the table. And so ensues the argument and disparity of stories.

Should the policeman not have come inside without a warrant or strong probable cause this would have ended the story. The noise would have been lowered and everything alright. But he didn’t, he came in, prying the clam open and hurting him with the imperfection. Something hurts the clam and the clam reacts with words at first.

Then the stories diverge again. The police only say that the clam had to be shoved into the wall twice and then tasered. The clam says yes, he did get smart and asked the police officer to step back outside. And tried to shut the door. He made remarks so the policeman pulled a gun on him. The policeman got threatened and pulled a taser. The clam again reacted with words but egged in the policeman to shoot him. When the policeman did, he ripped the wires from the gun. The police tasered him twice to subdue him then arrested him.

All the while the sharks are happy while the clam sits in jail without proper medication, nor has the Crisis Response Team intervened when called. The sharks are happy and the police are happy because they have aggravated a mentally disabled person to violence. All because the police were afraid and opened the door.

What can we do about it ? Remind NAMI (Nation Alliance of Mentally Ill to help take care of their own, remind the shift supervisor that the clam was in that apartment for months just fine until the sharks showed up. Put pressure on the local DA as to what really happened, a solitary clam flipped because of an abuse of force.

Why care ? Because it will probably happen to you if you don’t fit the demographic or the sharks move in next to you. they’ve taken me once and still didn’t learn their lesson.

It is simply in your best interest to reach out on this one.

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