Lost in the ether

How many times have you looked at something you’ve used a million times before ? Something simple, enticing and familiar. Now it turns on you in front of someone younger, maybe more advanced because they are in a position of more learning and supplies, maybe because now they are doing what you did.

It takes a lot to admit confusion in front of someone. Be it people you don’t want to show weakness in front of or strangers who have no idea what’s happening. It’s almost as bad as running naked in front of a bull.

Well, I’ve spent years with it, my little network, my ethernet. And I’m stumped. Harder to admit than you might think. Nerd, geek, stranger. I get by not because of some innate gift, but because I like it and will try every option I can think of.

It’s my router. And all of you could help, if they chose to.

The problem: it registers 30mbps at my computer just three feet from my iPad which registers 1 mbps.

I’m certified and spent over ten years dealing with this technology but can’t find a solution. So i’ve looked for an advantage. The technician who’s in control of a different technology will be here today to install with his expertise a different solution and I will learn from it.

Until time I”m asking you to help me come up with a solution to the mystery to a Netgear N600 router that won’t behave for me.

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Location:S Meeting St,Statesville,United States


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