Business is business

There was a day that business wasn’t to be a sport where you were only out for yourself. Matter of fact see someone from a generation ago and most will still tell you that a transaction was supposed to be a win-win situation. No more. I was trying to make the best of a bad situation recently when i royally got screwed. Shipping broke the item in question and the buyer blamed me. Against the merchant code, I issued a full refund before receiving the item back. it came back missing piieces and crammed into a box.

I’d show you the picture when I learn wordpress better. It doesn’t seem to have an option to insert media.

Anyway, balance that against a local company who is going to replace my bad drive in my computer with a good one just to satisfy my need for a computer to function.

You never know anymore. I have two people I trust unconditionally, but beyond that it’s the old latin (yup, that old) consumer beware.


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