What would we do without good meds ?

I have a $700 car repair, a HUGE credit card debt, doctor appointments, medicines to buy, etc.. If I didn’t have some very good friends and others I’m concerned about, I’d be in Delta from just the stress alone.

It’s hard to believe that the largest consumers of anti-depressives are Case Workers, Social. 

Life is like chocolats, you never get what you want and it happens.

Live well and be at peace.


Testing a new offline editor

It took hours to find that there is no setting to update when adding Blogpress to WordPress. Just get your name and password right and it will work just fine.

Here are the picture of the pipe with chip I promised. Isn’t it sad you’re not supposed to trust anyone in business. Get burned once and you will change your mind.

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Business is business

There was a day that business wasn’t to be a sport where you were only out for yourself. Matter of fact see someone from a generation ago and most will still tell you that a transaction was supposed to be a win-win situation. No more. I was trying to make the best of a bad situation recently when i royally got screwed. Shipping broke the item in question and the buyer blamed me. Against the merchant code, I issued a full refund before receiving the item back. it came back missing piieces and crammed into a box.

I’d show you the picture when I learn wordpress better. It doesn’t seem to have an option to insert media.

Anyway, balance that against a local company who is going to replace my bad drive in my computer with a good one just to satisfy my need for a computer to function.

You never know anymore. I have two people I trust unconditionally, but beyond that it’s the old latin (yup, that old) consumer beware.

How you get collectibles

How do you get collectibles ?

In my case you either

1) Buy them early one in life, safeguard them From parents, friends, weather and the ravages of time. Sit on them for years and hope that after (in my case 55) years they become a valuable collectible that you can rely on in emergencies, or retirement, or just leisurely reminiscing and viewing.

2) pick them up as your family contracts. A polite way of saying that as your family or loved ones pass and leave you something.

In any case they are distilled hopes, dreams and fears that you have now conquered. Look upon them with an earned pride.


German Lexicon and comics

Today there’s two items for review. First is a list of 3600+ comics ready to be sold. Just ask here or at capn.walker@yahoo.com for the list.

Secondly is a scholarly book of which there are many from my father. first is a German Lexicon called Koehler-Baumgartner’s LEXICON IN VETRIS TESTIMENTI LIBROS. Which is combination Jewish and German. And since I can’t read German all I can say is that it’s in execellent condition.

IMG_   6